Febrical Accessories

Are you controlling your inventory as effectively as you can, or is your inventory controlling you and limiting your potential growth? We want to help you find the perfect POS solution for your store. Are you looking for hardware like cash registers, barcode scanners, printers or monitors? The type of hardware that you choose depends a lot on your specific store; things like store size, how many checkout lanes you have, number of locations, etc… 

The same is true of software. Not every retail point of sale system is made equally. Our resident experts can help guide you through the process of choosing the right software for your business, and they take care of all of the support as well! It’s a hassle-free process that gives you confidence in your retail POS system so you can spend your time focused on serving clients, not on fixing computers.

Whether you’re looking for a completely new POS system or you want to offer customized gift cards at your register, we want to help you achieve your POS goals. Call us at 

  • +88 01730312289, 01708122850,

to let us know what your POS needs are, and how we can help you find the perfect solution. 

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