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Baked goods manufacturing and processing companies always face increasing business pressures. Fluctuating commodity and merchandise costs have put added pressure on managing gross margins. Running a profitable business has become tougher than ever. Mediasoft Bakery ERP is a standard, multi-user baking software system allowing for low cost entry and future growth as bakery business requirements change and budgets permit. Mediasoft bakery management software makes it possible for every bakery business to own grade of management that until now was only enjoyed by large bakeries

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Product Costing

  • Calculate bakery costs including ingredient and labour costs
  • Accurate detailed product costs to gain desired profits
  • Perform quickly to changing costs to stay profitable
  • Accurate costing eliminates manual calculations
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Sales Entry

  • Use historical data to improve order entry
  • Instantly create hundreds of standing orders
  • Forecast sales numbers on past deliveries
  • Eliminate dual entry with order import features
  • Save time with automated invoicing
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Product Labels

  • Bakery label templates save time and eliminate dual entry
  • Simplify labeling with a drag and drop interface
  • Instant updates with an integrated label designer
  • Sell more baked goods with product catalogs and sales sheets
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Fresh Production For Long Shelf Life

  • Run multiple reports per day with up to the minute changes
  • Efficiently manage a large number of products and lead times
  • Complicated recipes are easy to manage
  • Forecasting tools help you get a head start
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  • Real-time ingredient and packaging requirements allow efficient purchase planning
  • Easily tracks landed costs with a detailed receiving process
  • Automatically generate purchase orders based on production, minimum stock and orders
  • Record supplier lot numbers while receiving raw material inventory
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Lot Tracking & Recalls

  • Assist production staff with lot coded tags for ingredients
  • Work orders track each step in the baking process
  • Save time with FIFO (first in, first out) ingredient consumption
  • Recalls and traceability in seconds with a complete audit trail
  • Search inventory to avoid further contamination
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  • Integrate with familiar accounting programs to eliminate the learning curve
  • Receive payments quickly with simple credit card processing
  • Instantly send invoices, credits and statements via email
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Warehouse Management

  • Real-time inventory levels at remote warehouses
  • Tools to track and manage inventory transfers
  • Use detailed report filters to find inventory information quickly
  • Manage and store excess inventory at multiple locations
  • Instant lot tracking and recall across all locations
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Online Ordering

  • Allow customers to place and update wholesale orders
  • Use cut off times, confirmation emails, and customer access permissions
  • Give customers access to their invoices and product information such as nutrition and ingredient lists
  • Easy to use, secure online login available anywhere
  • Seamless interaction with FlexiBake's order screen
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Direct Store Delivery

  • Simplify the process of editing customer’s invoices by updating them in real time
  • Save your delivery drivers time with efficient reconciliation reports
  • Track your truck inventory balance throughout the day
  • Finalize your end of day reports– anywhere, anytime
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See why bakeries and snack manufacturers grow with Mediasoft Bakery ERP

Mediasoft has developed software for bakeries and food manufacturers for over three decades with specialist technology to offer you a food-dedicated ERP system you can choose without any doubt. Ready to streamline your operations, minimize your costs and improve your productivity. Talk to us today and learn more.

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Grow your baked goods sales without IT barriers

If you’re at the limits of in-house systems, Mediasoft optimises your entire production process from supply chain to product deliveries within one integrated system. You achieve efficiencies and cost savings at the deepest levels of your business. Whether in the fresh, chilled and frozen markets, Mediasoft gives you the swiftness that the bakery sectors demand.

  • Streamlines bakery production with controls for factory floor data capture and inventory
  • Drives sales by enhancing your forecasting, sales order processing and customer service
  • Controls your cash including your debts, risks, rebates and multi-company operations
  • Enhances management decision making with accurate key performance indicators, alerts and reports


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