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Accounting Management System is an essential application that allows an organization to state the flow of money for internal and external review and auditing. It is the prime tool for evaluating the financial health of an organization and for meeting legal compliance.

Managing your company's capital can be difficult, that is why you need accounting software to help you track your currency as it flows in and out of your accounts. When you start your business, accounting software is the main thing that you need to think of. Our Accounting System deals with chart of account, cash book, bank book, voucher, journal, general ledger, subsidiary ledger, etc. our system also generates reports like trial balance, balance sheet, profit and loss accounts, income statement and so more. This system is an efficient way to manage and monitor the workflow and resources process progress in the stock and also keep monitoring your company's financial situation.

Our Technology-Based Solutions Are Proven To:


Streamline end to end process


Connect departments & supply chain

Innovative & Trendy

Adoption of technological innovation.

Mediasoft provides a complete and uncompromising Accounting Software to all the accounting types while assuring them of result in the shape of excellent revenue, reduced costs & increased operations. It is best suited customized & guarantees fantastic advantages whereas serving you elevate the customers accounting experience.

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Features in   Our Software:

Supplier Management
Supplier Management

Collect, organize, and streamline supplier data in support of Productivity gains across business units & get stronger supplier relationships.

Bank Accounts

Create unlimited bank accounts and keep tracking them.


Generate and send retainer summary reports at any point to keep your clients happy and informed.

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Ratio Analysis

know the financial strength and weakness of an organization to optimize capital structure.

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Receipt payment

Instantly know how much you have received and paid.

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Voucher Supporting Attachment

You can add as much as attachment you want with the voucher.

Customer Management
Customer Management

Easily see which customers owe you money, and which you need to follow up on.


Get paid faster by letting clients click through an invoice.


(Cost Center, Profit center)

Manage the cost center & profit center of multiple companies.


Get notified about all changes so you can easily track your requests.

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Delve in deep with heaps of detail, and track your performance against budgets.

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Cash Flow Management

See your money in and money out at a glance, and automatically update tax totals.

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Bank Reconciliation

Link a bank account from 130+ providers and automate your organization.

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