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Inventory sorting. Streamlined

Having a robust inventory management system is critical to the success of your clothing store POS. Which is why Hike has taken what could be a difficult and drawn out process, into something streamlined.

Variant sorting in your Clothing Store POS

Makes it simple for your POS to create multiple variants for the products you sell. Sort items by their brand, colour, size or material. You can even bundle individual items to sell, assigning them unique SKUs.

Seasonal selling & composite products

Reporting features means that you can identify the products that sell the best during a season – a jacket for winter, a pair of shorts for summer – and have your inventory feature them. Find and take your best winter clothing (jacket, gloves, scarves) and package them into a bundle for your customers to buy. Then once the season ends, easily put the products back into the inventory to be sold individually.

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