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Consumer demand is gradually increasing at a high rate (more designs, more options & a lot of smaller orders). The adoption of specialist, technology-based solutions to switch mostly manual and disconnected processes is important responding to those challenges. Mediasoft is an intuitive & versatile browser-based Product Lifecycle Management. Developed specifically for supermarkets, fashion retailers, brands, warehouse management, Mediasoft is configured to reflect industry best practice and specific business requirements.

Ultimately, Mediasoft will increase the speed, product development which is very important for maximizing sales & margin.


Streamline end to end process Terminating manual processes & duplication, improve efficiency & margin, customizable add-on features to meet the needs whether simplistic or complex queries of the appare l business user. Streamline operations, more accurately forecast revenues and manage costs.


Streamline end to end process Connect Connect departments & supply chain Integrate key business processes with supply chain partners. Integrate components like planning, merchandising, design, costing, sampling and sourcing to develop product quickly and expeditiously.


Increase speed and swiftness Improve visibility and manage to increase speed and swiftness of design development and sourcing. Assure time reduction by extending your processes from initial construct to delivery.

Why Mediasoft?

At Mediasoft, we go beyond delivering software, drawing on 21 years of expertise & experience. We tend to work with you to support and advice, serving you transform your business with best practice processes and digital tools to attain your desired goals. We have developed a range of software products to meet the unique requirements that exist within the business process arena.

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Easy Implementation

Our ready software will help you manage your accounts & inventory immediately. Our strong support team can assist you in implementation no matters wherever you're & they are always ready to make your implementation success.


Mediasoft tailor your business workflows as per your need with customized invoices. With our different types of software permits you to build layers of functionality to support the particular business models.


Business Intelligence (BI)

Mediasoft business decision friendly BI can boot your profit level in your business in endless ways and provides your business an advantage to remain on top. Improve the performance of your business operation by taking the utmost profit out of using inbuilt BI.

Major Modules included

Features At A Glance

  • Inventory Management
  • Item Creation
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Receiving
  • Discount circular setup
  • Price change circular
  • Circular of various promotions
  • Product Receiving from Supplier
  • Damage Request Generation
  • Stock Return to Supplier
  • Point Of Sales
  • Customer Exchange
  • Employee Attendance
  • Accounting
  • Report
  • and many more...
Easy & Fast billing

Generate batch wise invoices, with elaborated data regarding totally different Businesses.


Generate various reports & stay top of your finances with powerful thousands of sales, purchase & inventory reports.

Multiple Payment Mode

Allows multiple payment options through Cash and credit helping you to expand within the overseas market.

Stock Management

Manage your inventory of your business on the premise of type, attributes, size & color.

Order Management

Advanced order management for partial and full orders and quick process of orders from showroom to merchant.

Expiry management

Keeps a track of end date and timely return to provider before the product expires.

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