Component Based Software Development


Component based software development is also widely known as CBSD.

It means focusing on building large system by integrating existing or newly created components for the purpose of reusability. This increases flexibility and maintainability of the system, reduce software design, development, testing and maintenance cost. This also makes sure that, some code in system is written once only rather then multiple times in single system and reused wherever required rather then re-written.

When applications are created using well designed component architectures, it assure that, impact of change of technology or requirement remains minimum on system. Now a days all business is running on web where user interface design changes quickly. With well designed architecture, impact of UI changes will be minimum.

At MDSL, we develop system using component architecture in Microsoft .NET platform to reduce development and maintenance for our clients. MDSL has significant experience in developing .NET reusable components and use them at run time by loading assemblies runtime, etc. With the growth of web services, components can separate external services from internal mechanism and can be used from anywhere.