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Don’t get swept away by the competition. Hold your place in today’s competitive electronics market.

With increasing competition coming from big box retailers and due to the quick obsolescence of technological equipment and devices, consumer electronics business is one of the most challenging sectors in retail.
As new technologies are becoming commonplace at a high rate, electronics stores need to respond to changing consumers’ needs and efficiently manage inventory levels in order to avoid piling up stock, which might quickly become outdated. At the same time, to ensure a good revenue, they have to additionally provide an adequate selection of goods at competitive prices – when and where their customers need them.

Electronics store billing software can be your business manager. Takes care of everything from making invoices to official document filing method. Easy billing, tracking inventory, recording expenses, product details recording etc. It is now very easy to get all reports which help us to forecast the business by optimizing. Mediasoft specialized in electronic store management software to help you stay ahead of your rivals. Manage your inventory and make informed decisions with our different range of services. Our Electronics point of sale software is designed exclusively for computer stores and electronic outlets.

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Major Modules included

Features At A Glance

  • Supplier setup
  • Customer Information
  • Group Setup
  • Product Setup
  • Brand Setup
  • Size Setup
  • Inventory Management
  • Item Creation
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Receiving
  • Discount circular setup
  • Price change circular
  • Promotion circular
  • Product Receiving from Supplier
  • Damage Request Generation
  • Stock Return to Supplier
  • Point Of Sales
  • Customer Exchange
  • Employee Attendance
  • Report
  • and many more...
Gain efficiency

Accelerate your operational decision making process by maintaining back office & POS efficiently.

Streamline your financial processes

Save time and money by cutting your end-of-month operational processes from one week to one day.

Gain happy, returning customers

Rest assured that the data you provide your customers is usually accurate due to our centralized delivery and stock management system.

Become more agile

Perform swiftly to changes in the market with our versatile and highly integrated business solution.

Take control of your inventory

Improve your store management process and minimize inventory costs in your stores and warehouses.

Point of Sale

Our Electronics Store POS system helps to improve the efficiency of the checkout system of your supermarket or grocery store with associate optimized System.


Knowing the suppliers is often added advantage to the business. This makes the product ordering method very easy and fast. Anytime whenever you need any product, you’ll be able to check who is supplying that particular product which makes to place order effortlessly with the help of just billing.



You can update the stock details in the app whenever you receive the products. So billing and inventory can automatically adjust consequently. This process shows the accurate count of inventory in realtime at any time you need. It also reduces felony and loss problems.


During festival season, usually there is a huge sale in the electronics showroom. So every business desires to grab the chance to make more sales as possible by providing different offers and discounts. You can create offers rules severally with discounts/prices you want to offer without compromising the standard prices. The system will automatically apply those coupons/discounts, you don’t need to choose or mention every time.



Summarized reports of mediasoft electronics shop software shows how your business running & what steps need to take to improve your business. A chart/graph report can show a summary of sales, profit, or current inventory by category, or by business location. Which gives a reputable image of the business & helps to predict the future.


Every single sale transaction will be recorded in software with noting down guarantee/warranty details. So if somebody comes with any product issue or guarantee, it becomes very easy to visualize if they give minimal details like invoice number or buying date.



Every business man wants to know about the top selling products & non-moving products. With just one click, a business man can get the accurate information with mediasoft electronics store software.

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