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Whether you own a single store or multiple stores, MEDIASOFT POS SOFTWARE is here to manage your whole operations in a effective way. To keep you tension free from day-to-day complicated operations, the company focuses on core-aspects of retailing business methods. The company encourages you to face the toughest challenges from massive retail format. Variations of size, color, design and cost, flexibility and unique bar-code generation of footwear business, this organization pursues an easy-to-setup footwear billing section. Easy POS to have faster checkout, smart inventory, customer loyalty programs to increase sales etc. are taken into consideration as per as changing trends.

We however let users keep their inventory record in good shape by enabling an easy capture of product bar-code and comparing it along with your computer stock. This is often done to crease out the discrepancies.

Our technology-based solutions best practice expertise are proven to


Streamline end to end process


Connect departments & supply chain

Innovative & Trendy

Adoption of technological innovation.

Footwear retailers have some basic requirements such as support for sizes, colors, styles, and widths that demand footwear-focused functionality. Mediasoft Retail solutions for footwear provide the functionality you wish to set aside the right product and the right size to the right location. Additionally, you'll be able to conjointly capture and analyze data to respond to the range of stores based on demographics, climate, and geography.

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Major Modules included

Features At A Glance

  • Inventory Management
  • Manage different sizes
    for men, women and kids.
  • Item Creation
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Receiving
  • Discount circular setup
  • Price change circular
  • Circular of various promotions
  • Product Receiving from Supplier
  • Damage Request Generation
  • Stock Return to Supplier
  • Point Of Sales
  • Customer Exchange
  • Employee Attendance
  • Accounting
  • Report
  • and many more...
Easy & Fast billing

Generate batch wise invoices, with elaborated data regarding totally different Businesses.


Generate various reports & stay top of your finances with powerful thousands of sales, purchase & inventory reports.

Multiple Payment Mode

Allows multiple payment options through Cash and credit helping you to expand within the overseas market.

Stock Management

Manage your inventory of your business on the premise of type, attributes, size & color.

Order Management

Advanced order management for partial and full orders and quick process of orders from showroom to merchant.

Expiry management

Keeps a track of end date and timely return to provider before the product expires.

Why do you choose Mediasoft POS
to manage Footwear business?

Easy to use - Smart Billing

You don't need to be a technology person to use Mediasoft POS. We made a very user friendly tool for everyone. Since that was our design principle from the very beginning, Mediasoft POS is very easy to use. An intuitive and user friendly interface, you can simply & quickly process your sales. Process orders faster with the help of bar code reader or searching by item name or its attribute like color, size, design, etc quickly while not having to sort within the entire search.

Mediasoft POS’s flexible checkout system permits you to settle all payments including cash, cheque, debit cards, credit cards, bank transfer, and even check.


Accounting Integration

Mediasoft POS doesn't miss a object when it comes to financial accounting- sales account, purchase account, customer account, supplier account - it will keep track of everything. This software even manages your water and electricity bills, if you would like it to! That isn't all- Mediasoft’s integrated accounting with POS will also generate all those vital financial statements you need, including Liabilities, Assets, Balance Sheet and Profit & Losses.

However, while Mediasoft automates all the day to day tasks for you. You can continuously monitor all the transactions being made within the business and you can cancel or change any kind of transaction before its too late.


E-commerce integration

Now every business should have their own online web site without any hassle. You will be able to sell in-store as well as online seamlessly.

Mediasoft POS is not just a billing software for a physical store, you can also integrate your in-store billing system with your online website. It can manage your online and physical store business and inventory solution in one single integrated database!


Inventory Management

A footwear store that sells every kind of footwear and accessories have specific needs such as support for sizes, colors, brands for inventory products. Mediasoft POS systematically organizes your inventory using the categories and sub-categories that you simply tell it to use. There’s lots of info served to you at a glance, as well as the rolled totals and also the dynamic drill-down of your inventory.

With Mediasoft POS, you will easily move and track your stock between multiple warehouses. And of course, automated re-ordering will be at your service too.


CRM Integration

Each of your customers are unique & important, and it's very difficult for your business to treat them by tracking their previous purchases, Mediasoft CRM integrated POS Software nails it automatically.

It goes without saying that Mediasoft CRM can maintain a variety of contact information in an organized way. Moreover, you will able to inform everybody you concern about discounts and offers, because Mediasoft CRM will send the messages and emails for you.


Graphical Analytics

With our unique graphical data illustration feature, take your business insight to the next level, and fuel up your business analytics. A chart/graph shows a summary of day wise sales, month wise sales & supplier wise sales, mode of payment wise sales (by cash or credit card), counter wise sales, group wise sales etc. The data will be viewed in a bar, line, or chart etc.

And, that’s not at all, Graphs can be tailored in many various ways in which every portion of the graph can be altered to fit your desires. You can print and generate PNG, JPEG and PDF file of this graph.