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Best-in-Class Furniture Software

Say goodbye to your legacy tools with a up to date Manufacturing ERP Software
that simplifies your furnishings business and improves performance.

Turning creative designs into stunning, functional furniture might be your daily job – but you need more than great craftsmanship to run a successful manufacturing business. Boost productivity, manage supply chain smoothly and get your furniture to distributors and consumers faster. No matter the volume, so keep growing. Manage Suppliers, Store documents. On-the-fly customizations and faster processing of orders!

Product Variants

  • Thousands of product transformation in different colours, fabrics, metals, shapes and sizes, creating enormous complexity.
  • The primary Item will be considered as an Item template and each of the variations will be an Item Variant based on Item Attributes to distinguish based on Colour, Shape, Capacity, Size and so on.
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Bill of Material (BOM)

  • Bill of material ensures robustness and accuracy.
  • It includes Item codes, part descriptions, quantities, costs and additional specifications
  • will help to create other document types like Work Orders and Job Cards.
  • To make accurate Purchase Requests, you have to maintain correct BOMs.
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BOM Explorer

  • BOM Explorer Report shows a complete status of the Bill of Materials (BOM) with its raw materials in the form of the tree view.
  • user can view the quantity of raw materials and scraps from all exploded items and print it.
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Batched Inventory

  • An integrated inventory shows a realtime view of the availability of stock at multiple locations, ongoing transfers, auto-replenishment.
  • Scanning Item barcode via your device camera gives fast search through the transformation of your stock to make informed decisions
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Multiple Units of Measurement

  • Keep track of various units of measurement for your inventory
  • You can set up conversion factors in the Item master itself and promote smooth Sales, Purchase and Stock transactions and the conversions will be handled by the system.
  • You can measure materials exactly the way you want to do it.
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Stock Replenishment

  • To prevent stockouts, you can track an item's reorder level.
  • When the stock level goes below the reorder level, this manufacturing ERP software will create an automatic material request.
  • This facilitates quicker, smarter and timely replenishment of inventory, thereby reducing chances of stock exhaustion and preventing potential risk of stockouts
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See why furniture manufacturers grow with Mediasoft Furniture ERP

Mediasoft has developed software for Furniture manufacturers for over three decades with specialist technology to offer you a dedicated ERP system you can choose without any doubt. Ready to streamline your operations, minimize your costs and improve your productivity. Talk to us today and learn more.

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Software for fast-growing furniture makers

Whether you sell your furniture direct to consumers, retail or B2B, our furniture ERP software accelerates your performance for profitable growth. Meet the challenges of furniture manufacturing head on without the headache of trying to coordinate multiple IT systems and spreadsheets to achieve your goals.

  • Easily builds products with our product configurable, guides sales through multiple features and options, and gives accurate delivery promises informed by furniture ERP solution
  • Smarter commercial controls increase your control of pricing, customer documentation and returns management
  • Oversees your products management, suppliers performance, vendor schedules, multi-currency and contracts in one system
  • Smarter cash control provides the biggest benefit of integrated operations – better control of profitability and margins, credit and payments


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