Groceries & Departmental Store

Easiest point of sale (POS) software  ever for superstore.

Typical store carries. On the above of all there are a number of benefits you’ll get from using Retail Master POS software.Initially, a point-of sales system is combination of hardware and software that is used during the billing process. This includes the computer system and software that recorded transactions, other peripheral devices like a cash drawer and pole display. Retail Master is exclusive in point-of-sales field by integrating with every type of POS peripheral available these days.Even, when you use Retail Master POS system it will pursued every aspect of your store for forthcoming reporting. Information like what customer made a purchase, what they bought, and who nourish them up are all available with a few clicks. This information is very valuable, and can be used in marketing campaigns, for loyalty programs, or to simplify your accounting tasks.Moreover, you will have access to a number of things that help you to manage your employees. Cashiers using our POS software will sign in under their own user id to use the POS counter, which pointing to increased accountability for anomalies and missing money. Also, any manager can access the information history of any counter so quickly find just about anything or even print up any report as per user permission. You may even recorded time attendance, which will make it easier for you to prepare payroll.
Point of sales systems are becoming increasingly more common as business owners realize the immense benefits that they offer. Our Retail Master POS system is technologically advanced and allow more adaptability than just a simple cash register.  Have that in mind, implementing a POS system will without a doubt benefit your superstore.

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    Departmental Stores
    Rice Stores
    Vegetable/Fruit shops
    Sweet and Bakery Shops
    Fast Food Restaurant
    Gift Items, Greetings and Fancy Stores
    Toys Showroom
    Books and Stationary Shop
    Music CD’s/VCD/DVD’s
    Auto Spare Parts
    Sports Showroom
    Hardware – General / Electrical / Electronics / Building Materials
    Readymade Garments
    Footwear Shops
    Luggage and bags
    Household Appliances and Consumer Electronics
    Mobile Showrooms
    Optical Showroom
    Computer Hardware and Spares
    Leisure Stores, Hypermarket and Super Bazaars


User Logins and Punch Cards

Our every retail software is designed with login option. User can logged in into the systems through punch card also which will help the shop owner to check their attendance and get privileges as per permission set by system admin.

Custom User Privileges

User role is assigned by system admin that who has access to what menu of operation. Manage all roles and permissions from the management console, and have greater control over the security of your software.

Cash Drawer (till) MANAGEMENT

Day opening and closing set with cash denomination option to check day end sales balance per terminal help management effectively manage financial statement. Users can view sales reports and match numbers with the cash count to determine whether or not balance are in position.

Use of Portable MOBILE DEVICEs (PMD)

With PMD user can manage multiple portable devices to count physical inventories without stopping the sales.

Queue busting

Queue busting allows shop manager to manage long queue of customers buy scanning basket through portable devices and sync data with POS terminals.


All reports are smartly designed with our 18 years customer experience which can help you to increase your business performance. Access detailed reports to better understand customers buying pattern, employee performance, best and worst selling, slow and non moving items and more. Real time data reporting technique will help to make quick decisions to improve your business and profit margins.


CLP will help your customers giving more reason to keep coming back by rewarding them for repeat business. Set up your CLP the way you want it, from how customers are rewarded through various popular ways.


Designed to make scheduling easier for women and men beauty parlors, salons and any business with appointments. With the ability to schedule by individual service expert or location, appointments are easy to book and organize.


Our systems can read existing SKUs. Mediasoft’s Point of Sale systems can scan any factory level barcode, including QR codes. By reading existing SKUs, you don’t have to create new ones.


You can setup multi tare price for you different categories customer to avoid complicated operation.

Credit Sale

Allow customers to put their favorite items on booking, provide partial payments. And later in any time customer purchase the item by completing the payment. Also customer can easily apply payments at another store or a later date.

Invoice Hold

Did a customer forget an item? Temporarily hold any sale and quickly retrieve it when your customer is ready to complete their transaction.

Gift Voucher

Bring in new customers and increase revenue with flexible gift cards.

Credit Note

Keep your customers coming back by issuing credit note instead of cash refund?

Sale Exchange

Give every customer the flexibility to change their minds with simple exchange process.

Multiple Pay Type

Let your customers choose how they pay you. Either they pay in cash, credit card, debit card or multiple card.