Hospital Management Software

The Hospital Management Software (HMS) is designed for any Hospital
to replace their existing manual, paper based system.

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Hospital ERP Software

With the rapid growth in technology our Healthcare & Hospital industry also requires advancement in its setup. Hospital and patient information system requires to be enhanced.

Hospital Management Software is the digital outcome of hospital or clinic management. The regular hospital activities like IPD, OPD, Test, Billing, Bed management, Account, HR management, etc. that a hospital does manually now all of them can managed very efficiently using Hospital Management Software. You can also make reports as per your requirements. You can see daily, weekly, monthly, half-yearly and yearly reports of sales, revenue, lab test, bed management, etc. very easily. Another thing is that an admin can inspect everyone through the software. All in all hospital management software helps you to be with trends and it also offers you the chance to run your business in a very efficient way.

Take a tour of the Hospital modules we offer

Reception Management

  • Any Information regarding a visiting Consultant can be obtained like consultant’s availability, days & time of availability, Department, specialization or any other.
  • Any enquiry can be made for any indoor patient in the Hospital. The enquiry can be made as per the Name, Address, Department, Bed, Ward, Patient Registration Number, etc.
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Patient Registration (OPD & Indoor)

  • Patient Demographic Details like Name, Age, Sex, Address, Contact number, Nationality, etc is required for the registration of OPD Patient
  • An Admission form is printed with all the registration details for Indoor patients, which serves as the cover page of the patient file.
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Out Door Patient Management

  • The Consultant note down the required details on Patients OPD Card. This information is then entered into the patient data by the consultant or the operator at the OPD Counter.
  • The prescription can also be scanned and saved. The scanned data can be entered later into various fields by the operator.
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OPD Billing

  • For billing of any OPD service like Pathology Tests, or any imaging investigation, the patient moves to OPD billing counter. Here the services are charged as per the rates already defined for various categories/ penal/ time etc to the patient with his Patient ID. you can track an item's reorder level.
  • The Payment is collected for the service provided and a receipt is generated.
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Investigations Reporting (Pathology & Imaging)

  • Online investigation requisition can be raised from OPD or IPD or Labs
  • Provision for entering results for diverse tests in multiple reporting formats.
  • Age & Sex wise Reference range for Pathology test.
  • Warnings & Auto-highlighting of abnormal values.
  • The system will have the provision to enter the high and low valid ranges for each test. Special alert for the tests not falling under this value range.
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Central Store

  • Maintains the details of all items, its suppliers and purchase details.
  • Maintain Separate Stock of Central Store & Multiple Sub Stores
  • Various area stores can return items that are not required by them back to the Central Store.
  • Strict Check on the Expiry Date of Medicines & Consumables.
  • Maintain Reorder Level of Items and warn accordingly.
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Indoor Billing

  • Collection of Payment by Cash/Credit Card/ DD or Cheque.
  • Receipts, refunds, Credit Note Generation.
  • Automatic scrutiny of the credit limit available to the patient
  • Provision to bill a patient against another account (LIC account/company account/Donors account etc.)
  • Additional payment for Ambulance/attendants at discharge if required.
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Indoor Patient Management

  • Bed Allocation and Transfer.
  • Consultants visit entry.
  • Recording Patient’s Clinical Data
  • Requisition of Investigations required.
  • Requisition to Store & Pharmacy for Medicines & Consumables.
  • OT Billing & Management
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Medical Record data (MRD) Management

  • Statistical reports based on diagnosis, age, gender, geographical areas and other parameters.
  • Discharge Summary with details of test reports.
  • Reports on departments, consultants, etc.
  • Birth & Death Records with full details.
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Financial Accounting

  • All revenue entries are transferred automatically from billing module.
  • Just enter the expense vouchers and the accounts are complete up to balance sheet.
  • Consultant Share and other relevant Information already available.
  • User defined ledger Groups & Accounts.
  • User definition of Cost Centre.
  • Department wise income detail.
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  • Maintains complete record of all employees including the Employee Code, name, Demographic data, Salary in different heads, Department, Designation, PF account, ESI Account, etc.
  • Definition of Salary head as per formula or straight away.
  • Salary settings as per monthly basis, or on wages basis.
  • Record of employee’s in time, out time, lunch hours, over time.
  • Application of salary increment formula.
  • Supports all types of Smart Cards, Bar Cards, etc.
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  • This module enables complete control on pharmacy including Purchase & Issue of medicine to IPD or OPD Patient.
  • Medicines can be classified under different categories as per the salt or appearance.
  • Total amount of the bill for IPD Patient will automatically get added in his bill.
  • The Pharmacy can acknowledge the return of items and issue Credit notes.
  • Details of all vendors are kept in accordance with their transactions.
  • Maintain Reorder Level of Items
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Online Diagnostic Reporting

  • All Diagnostic reports can be made available on net.
  • All patients are provided the password while billing of tests.
  • Any patient can view, download or print the report from his home, office.
  • viii. The same reports can be available to any consultant worldwide for telemedicine and professional opinion.
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Management Information System (MIS) Module

  • Complete information of Hospital Activities in terms of revenue.
  • Details of Running & Outstanding payments for general & Panel Patients
  • Panel wise billing & Outstanding
  • Consultant wise visit report
  • All data available for any selected date range.
  • Daily Collection Report
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How does a hospital management system take care of every operational aspect of a multi-sectoral hospital ?

As a human being, It is impossible for medical officers & employees to be erroneous staff. But every single mistake of misplacing of data creates a self-annihilation. Therefore, all medical professionals and hospital directors want to avoid errors. Having put in automatic management software eliminates the possibility that is vulnerable to errors.

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Why Should You Use Mediasoft HMS Software

Making a delay to take the right decision is an evil decision. So, don’t wait to get the ultimate Hospital Management System. We are provided the best one contrast to the value we receive from you:

  • Superpower administrative modules provide you an ultimate system of management. As an administrator, you can create accounts, specify & offer Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacists, accountant, researcher, receptionist, representative, case managers their responsibilities separately.
  • A complete OPD management system has integrated with our hospital management project.
  • Our hospital management system allows you to manage IPD function efficiently recording all important data in a single platform. You get the system for patient registration under a unique ID no
  • While the test is set-aside at reception request or prescribed by the doctors, it is sent to the laboratory automatically.


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