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Proven solution that combine industry expertise with new-age technology

Transform With Intelligence

If you are planning for becoming a fashion retailer, you may think about Mediasoft's Lifestyle and Fashion Store POS solutions.

Efficient client handling, increase shopping experience & Complete control

A key catalyst for the transformation of the fashion store & a major change in performance depends on specialist in digital technology. Our fashion industry specific solutions are quick to install, easy to use and deliver the significant result, speed and productivity enhancements to fashion brands, retailers and manufacturers.

Our technology-based solutions are proven to


Streamline end to end process


Connect departments & supply chain

Innovative & Trendy

Adoption of technological innovation.

We offer you a effective solution for your growing lifestyle & fashion business. Automate the shop administration and plenty of store activities to boost business profit and operational costs. Stay ahead of the time by using our customized software. Our POS solution is able to automate from front end sales to back end inventory management.

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Major Modules Included

Features At A Glance

  • Smart billing
  • Staff management
  • User privileges
  • Hardware integration
  • Works offline
  • Effective sales operations
  • Customized payments
  • Inventory management
  • PIN code access
  • Employee scheduling
  • Universal barcode planning
  • Customer management and
    loyalty program
  • Item code number tracking
  • Intelligent reporting
  • Reports can be exported to PDF,
    Excel, or text file formats
  • Sales Manager allows you to view,
    reprint receipts, change, copy and
    void sales
  • ECommerce Integration
    (including shopify)
  • And many more....

Software Benefits

Grow Sale

Grow Sale

Save Time

Save Time

User Friendly

User Friendly

Increase Footfalls

Increase Footfalls

Save Money

Save Money

Fashion & jewelry

Even that tiny piece of earing is worthy. It's easy to lose but you cannot let that happen. Efficiently keep records of all of your fashion and jewelry products. Stop thieving, make quicker checkouts and increase your service levels.

Luggage And Bags

This Luggage and Bags POS system is mainly for suitcase, handbag, leather luggage industries etc. Efficiently maintain & manage the numerous categories such as size, color, type wise categories, multiple & unique bar codes etc.

Baby Shops & Kids

Maintain glorious client relationship while you manage your transactions accurately. Add age wise categorization & filters, CRM, loyalty & offers for returning customers. Make the babies smile and make happy parents may come back more ensuring 100% prevention of inventory theft or shortage.

Home Decor & Furniture

Keep track of orders expeditiously. Manage discounts of your furnishing and furniture items on special occasion. Sales order with advance, home delivery, Purchase against sales orders, warehouse wise stock & transfers and many more.

Glass and Crockeries

We know, the items of your store are very delicate & fragile. Let Mediasoft POS software be your loyal & dedicated shop keeper for your glass & crockeries business. Efficiently track and stop any damage to your products.

Fashion Watches

Efficiently manage the item categories of your Watch business. Manage orders accurately and timely and improve your service quality. Analyze your hot products. Helping fashion watch brands stand out from the crowd.

Books Shop

Our Book Shop point of sale solution is specially developed to assist retailers categorize & classify inventory for timely renewal of stock & sales, reduce thievery & burglary by periodic audits and increase customer satisfaction.


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