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How does one put a value on the business and accounting software application that runs your entire business? Or a better question to ask is how one budget for their business software does? Which software system can we implement that meets 80% of our requirements and yet is affordable? MediaSoft developed FellowPro to directly overcome this paradox and alleviate the significantVOID in the business and accounting software market.We have priced FellowPro based on the maximum number of simultaneous users required by your business. The best guideline is to look for an application that provides at least 80% of the functionality your business needs. It is equally important to recognize that no software will meet your every need. You will always have a wish list of enhancements regardless of which software you implement. Please work closely with our consultants in evaluating the compatibility by providing all the necessary information and needs of your company.

Main Modules

General Ledger
L/C Management
Accounts Payables
Check Writer
Accounts Receivables
Inventory & Sales Distribution

Key Features

Integratable with any other apps. Like POS
Brunch accounts supproted
Check writer
Completely Customizable
Multiple cost Centre
Multi layer module wise security
Auditing Trail

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