MDSL Restaurant Manager

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The Restaurant Management System helps the restaurant manager to manage the restaurant more effectively and efficiently by computerizing meal ordering, billing and inventory control. This management system is designed for any type of Restaurant/Coffee Shop and the interface will be in English. The system processes transaction and stores the resulting data. Reports will be generated from these data which help the manager to make appropriate business decisions for the restaurant. For example, knowing the number of customers for a particular time interval, the manager can decide whether more waiters and chefs are required.

Key Benefits

Perpetual Inventory Management
Labor Scheduling and Workforce Management
Robust Supply Chain Management
Restaurant Budgeting and Store Level Financial Reporting
Integrated store-level ordering, receiving, and invoice reconciliation
Vendor Pricing Analysis, Vendor Compliance Checking, and Contract Management
Warehouse and Commissary Management
Recipe Maintenance and food cost modeling
Enterprise reporting with hierarchies and drilldowns
Food Production Management and Planning
Seamless integration to POS, Payroll, Vendors, and Financial Systems
Restaurant Supply Chain Management


Day opening and day closing
KOT void/split/merge system
Invoice void/split/merge system
Make an invoice complimentary (item/part invoice/full invoice)
Prepaid/postpaid payment system
Multiple paytype (cash/credit card/gift voucher/cash & credit)
Credit customer management
Credit ageing
Customer loyalty
Gift voucher
Table management
Recipe listing
Purchase order
Inventory management
Requisition to central warehouse
Transfer in requisition
Transfer in
Transfer out
Return to supplier
Return to warehouse from shop
Outlet target
Staff attendance and roster
Imprest cash management
Floating cash management
Staff meal
Physical inventory posting
Inventory reconciliation
Wastage tracking
Asset management
Asset reconciliation
Data upload for warehouse from shop
Operational reporting

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