Ready to Face The Global Challenge

Today’s business environment is pretty much competitive with the challenge of managing globalizations and cost-cutting, but at the same time, considering to increase profits and cash flow, companies need the capability to improve complex sales and distribution process. These process include quotation, sales orders, stock provision, delivery, billing and collection. DistributionPlus helps business entities to streamline these activities and ensure they have the right product at the right price, in the right place.

DistibutionPlus empowers the most responsive, efficient and lean distribution operations, improved customer service and increased profitability by providing real time item information, effective reporting, with product distribution requirements driven by sales and service demand or inventory re-order points.

Our proven track record of implementing Sales and Distribution Solutions for over 18 years ensures faster, on time-in budget implementations. The solution is flexible, scalable, adaptable, quick-to-deploy and easy-to-use, rendering a rapid return on your investment. And ready to face the global challenge.

Key Business Benefits

Optimize and streamline your Inventory
Increase your sales volume through additional services
Manage your collections better
Plan and manage your promotions/offers
Handle the ever increasing new products effectively
Better and more improved customer service levels
Increased productivity in order processing
Additional cash flow realized by better accounts receivable monitoring
Lower costs of doing business
Increased personnel productivity
Overall improvement in business reporting and management
Enhanced competitive edge
Increased overall profitability

Key Features

Support for comprehensive offer management
Support for VAT
Configuration for on account, credit days with grace period option, credit limit, automatic generation of debit notes for managing credit customer relationship
Configurable packing definition, selection of packing for every transaction
Returns Management : Expiry/Damage/Breakage and Purchase Returns, generation of credit notes based on sales terms etc.
Reports based on Area Manager, RSM, Zonal Manager etc
Support for multi-godown
Sample Management – sample issues, reports