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Enhance your customer satisfaction with a seamless digital food ordering experience and a lot more - on the go!

The Mediasoft Restaurant app coordinates your order taking in restaurant. It ensures that the dine-in and takeaway orders are delivered in a proper way through features like order taking, payments settlement, accept payments, print KOTs and receipts and such likes. It has a seamless integration with Mediasoft T-POS restaurant POS system and functions completely on your Android and iOS devices.

How Our Order Taking App Will Be
Helpful To Your Waiters!!!

Online or offline, it works at all times

Mediasoft restaurant order taking app assists your waiters to receive orders both in online and offline mode. These orders get synced with Mediasoft t-POS solution as soon as the app gets a stable internet Connection. Moreover, none of your activities stop or get disturbed whereas switching the networks.


Waiters get a 360-degree overview

Modifiers or special requests, this order taking app lets waiters note each order exactly and convey to the kitchen. So, deliveries get without any flaws. Also, it offers the live status of the dine-in area and order queue. So, waiters can perform the desired action for each table. Plus, even the takeaways are handled perfectly.

Order and menu operations become handy

Waiters can change orders and menu by adding, removing and altering the variables. They can cover order types discounts, further charges and plenty of alternative item operations. Besides, order operations like recall order, print KOTs, settle and split bills may be sorted.


Printing provisions get easy

This restaurant order tracking app for waiters permits you and your waiters to print receipts, orders, KOTs and different vital provisions directly from android devices. With the Network printer integration, you will be able to print anything at your fingertips. Thus, you can minimize the to and fro on your restaurant floor.

Your services become higher

You can eliminate the common pen n’ paper technique and provide prompt deliveries. In addition, your waiters get their entire agenda in their hands, which results in fewer errors and fast deliveries. Hence, you impart improved guest services.

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Manage multiple orders easily

You don’t have to switch between many tabs to take and process various order types. Be it a dine-in, takeaway or room service, simply modify the rate plan at one click and it's done. All the hassle of adjusting the rates every time gets sorted.

Customer Review

Knowing how your customers feel about your business is very important to keep them happy. But keeping up to date on what customers are saying about your products or services can quickly become a full-time job. Fortunately, Mediasoft android order tracking app is ready to help streamline the process.

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Get a detailed overview

Mediasoft makes you completely familiar with all the experience of your restaurant with a powerful dashboard. Get all the essentials details such as sales summary, hourly sales, weekly sales, and so on. In this way, you can regularly monitor your restaurant’s performance.

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