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With the extremely advanced Digital world, would you say no if you got a solution to manage all of your restaurant functions - right from taking orders to deliveries, to keeping a check on the stock?

With the years spent in in depth analysis, we have came up with this wonder-tool that strives to administer you an unwavering business expertise. The Restaurant POS is a restaurant billing software that covers all the important functions of a restaurant leaving none. It contains of an enormous list of modules that every restaurant needs.

Our technology-based solutions best practice expertise are proven to


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Connect departments & supply chain

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Adoption of technological innovation.

Mediasoft provides a complete and uncompromising software to all the restaurant types while assuring them of result in the shape of excellent revenue, reduced costs & increased operations. It is best suited customized & guarantees fantastic advantages whereas serving you elevate the customers eating experience.

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Major Modules included

Features At A Glance

  • Point Of Sale
  • Membership Management
  • Table Management
  • Item Category setup
  • Item recipe
  • VAT Reports
  • Takeaway Setup
  • Multiple Payment Mode (cash, card)
  • User Menu Distribution
  • Item Category
  • Modifier Entry
  • Counter configuration
  • Multi payment gateway
  • Sale order preparation & monitoring
  • Sale order modification (Only by Manager)
  • Total order monitoring
  • Sales analysis report
  • Cash register wise sales report
  • Item wise sales report
  • Hourly sales report
  • Periodical sales report
  • Cashier wise sales report/li>
  • Integration of Cash printer
  • and many more...
KOT (Kitchen Order Token)

Mediasoft restaurant management software provides you provision for Kitchen Order Token ( KOT) which is simple to use and flexible according to your needs. In Mediasoft restaurant software, KOT contains details of table number , item ordered and its quantity and order status with color differentiation.


Restaurant management software can Manage your inventory levels ,waiter wise reports, date wise reports, table wise reports, set reorder points to fill up stock to save your loses due to expiry. By calculating production cost, price can be minimized.

Multi Store Management

Centrally manage and monitor real time operations of all restaurants and central kitchen. Take advised action from anyplace with internet access to all stores and feel confident to open more.

Table creation & transfer

The restaurant management software can create tables as per your requirement by table creation option in the software. For table transfer the Transfer KOT option in the software permits you to make the changes if the guest decided to change his/her sitting location

Touch Screen Based

Helpful feature that improves using process and allows businesses to their items with their photos in a proper sequence. Fast and powerful restaurant management software with the touch of your fingers. Get visual illustration of table status, due-bills & KOT age in a very look.

Easy & Fast Billing

Mediasoft Restaurant management Software Make the billing process very easy with POS (Touch Screen) feature such as virtual keyboard, item selection and management.

Easy Steering-every control on your finger tips

Use t-POS for easy steering of your restaurant operation. You will get the easy access to all your operation from graphical interface like Dine In or Take Away or Home Delivery. Even the Customer can choose the food they like have from the Digital Menu and waiter can pick the order by simply scanning a QR code confirm the order. When a order is taken immediately it displayed on the Kitchen Display. This actually reduce the error in order and expedite the preparation time.

Fine Dine (Dine In)
Take Away
Home Delivery
Digital Menu
Kitchen Display
Table Side Order
Play with ordering

In t-POS we have TAB based order tacking system. Where waiter and complete the order from table side and immediately that link with kitchen display for immediate preparation. Even customer can choose the food from the digital menu (TAB based). If the customer wanted to merge table for their convenient that also can be done. In t-POS we have Food Rating and Customer feedback app for more customer engagement.

Tab Based Order
Digital Menu
Merge Table
Item Wise Cook Instruction
Customize By Adding Modifier
Food Rating & Guest Feedback
Art of Billing

Last impression is the best Impression. What ever good food you served your customer and whatever quality service you provide if the Billing is not accurate all will go to vail. In t-POS we have arranged every thing for better billing services. Like Add/Void Items, Split Bills and Multiple payment method.

Add or Void Items
Payment Reference
Complementary or Free Items
Custom Item
Split Bills
Control everything by controlling inventory

In t-POS we handled inventory very simply. We ensure material consumptions by linking the Item recipe. Whenever a order is confirming the stock updating automatically. And at the day end you just input what material are left in stock and easily you get the variance instantly. By monitoring the standard vs actual consumption you can easily prevent inventory loss

Manage PO
Generate GRN
Manage Recipe
Set Stock Level
Stock counting

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