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Main components of Retail ERP System

A cloud-based ERP system includes components to ensure that every business area within the organization relies on a single source, allowing staff to make better decisions faster.The advantage of ERP is that with centralized data and functionality, your retail store’s software is whole instead of fragmented, able to move information and performs tasks from one section to the other seamlessly. Compared to the Frankenstein solution of accumulating several bolt-on pieces of software from different vendors, ERP is more robust, dependable, and trustworthy. The main components of a retail ERP system includes the following:

Point of Sale

  • Compatible with any device, user-friendly, & extremely flexible, fully-integrated with inventory for realtime control of stocks.
  • Works both online & offline.
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Stock Management

  • Integrated inventory so that you can see a realtime view of the available products, managing stock levels in multiple locations with warehouses, stock transfers, and so on.
  • Scanning barcode via your device camera gives you fast search through the position of your stock and enriched customer experience.
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Multistore management

  • Register new branches of your company with a few clicks and start transacting right away!
  • You can configure dimensions for every branch and analyze the expenses, stock movements, profits and loss to derive overall profitability of your retail business.
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Automate Stock Replenishment

  • To prevent stockouts, you can track an item's reorder level.
  • When the stock level goes below the reorder level, this retail ERP software will create an automatic material request for quicker replenishment of inventory, thereby reducing chances of stock exhaustion.
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Customer Loyalty

  • Manage your customers better, configure loyalty programs and pricing schemes that deem fit for your business within a few minutes.
  • Maintain credit limits, view receivables & total billing, analyse average customer revenue with out-of-the-box reports. Exhibit full transparency of sales with your customers through the customer portal
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Billing And Pricing

  • Invoice your customers, chase receivable payments with payment requests and notifications via email/SMS reminders.
  • Provision to create custom print format templates for bills and setting up defaults so as to facilitate faster processing of transactions.
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Software for fast-growing furniture makers

Whether you sell your furniture direct to consumers, retail or B2B, our Retail ERP software accelerates your performance for profitable growth. Meet the challenges of Retail production head on without the headache of trying to coordinate multiple IT systems and spreadsheets to achieve your goals.

  • Easily builds products with our product configurable, guides sales through multiple features and options, and gives accurate delivery promises informed by Retail ERP solution
  • Smarter commercial controls increase your control of pricing, customer documentation and returns management
  • Oversees your products management, suppliers performance, vendor schedules, multi-currency and contracts in one system
  • Smarter cash control provides the biggest benefit of integrated operations – better control of profitability and margins, credit and payments


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