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In the modern world POS systems are part and parcel in order to maintain a large number of SKU’s a typical store carries. The ultimate solution to all the challenges of your Superstore, Hypermarket or a Departmental store is the Mediasoft Retail Master POS Software. Initially, a point-of sales system is combination of hardware and software that is used make the billing, running promotion, maintaining customer loyalty program moreover recording the transaction. Our POS solutions is exclusive in in these field by integrating with every type of POS peripheral available now a days. Even, when you use POS system it will pursued every aspect of your store management through giving various kind of reporting insights including reordering SKU, sales forecasting, replenishment, customers footsteps, inventory posting, sales volumes etc.

Why do your business need Superstore Solution?

Customers buying pattern like what customer purchase and who nourish them up are all available with a few clicks. Customers information is very valuable which can be used in marketing campaigns or loyalty programs, informing about upcomming program or to simplify your accounting tasks. Moreover, you will have access to a number of things that help you to manage your employees. Cashiers using our POS software will sign in under their own user id to use the POS counter, which pointing to increased accountability for anomalies and missing money. Also, any manager can access the information history of any counter so quickly find just about anything or even print up any report as per user permission. You may even recorded time attendance, which will make it easier for you to prepare payroll.

Point of sales systems are becoming increasingly more common as business owners realize the immense benefits that they offer. Our RetailMaster POS system is technologically advanced and allow more adaptability than just a simple cash register. Have that in mind, implementing a POS system will without a doubt benefit your superstore.

Major Modules included

Features At A Glance

  • Inventory Management
  • Item Creation
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Receiving
  • Discount circular setup
  • Price change circular
  • Promotion circular
  • Product Receiving from Supplier
  • Damage Request Generation
  • Stock Return to Supplier
  • Employee Attendance
  • Counter Setup
  • User Management
  • User Permission
  • Setting
  • Credit card Accounting (GL)
  • Report
  • Ecommerec Integration
  • and many more...
Point of Sale

Our RetailMaster POS system helps to improve the efficiency of the checkout system of your supermarket or grocery store with associate optimized System.

Multiple Terminals

Improve checkout speed by running several service stations needed on your native network.

Statistics & Reports

Manage commissions, client ranking and products. By using custom filters you can generate various reports

Multi Store Management

Complete cash management solution. Keep track of your business financial gain & losses and many more.

Barcode Scanning

Speed up your Supermarket’s selling & inventory process by using barcode scanner.

Manage Inventory

By setting minimum & maximum inventory levels, you can streamline your reorder process.

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