Is a unique application to manage VAT operation smoothly as per the compliance of National Board of Revenue (NBR) according to VAT ACT 1991 & 2012.

The VATPro has been developed by a unique team lead by some young buds and entire architecture has been defined by Mr. Arshed who is one of the top certified VAT Consultant in Bangladesh, has more than 27 years of experience on VAT.

Main   Features

User Access control and security
All VAT reports update automatically as per NBR requirements.
Sales of Product/Services (Mushak-11)
Receiving of Finished goods (Mushak-17)
Receiving of Finished goods (Mushak-17)
Purchase Entry (Mushak-16)
Issue of Input material as per BOM for own and contractual manufacturing (Mushak-12ga)
Bill of Material (BOM) Setup and leads to Price Declaration (Mushak-1)
Input Material Setup Category wise
Product/Service Setup Category wise
Vendor Profile Setup
Customer Profile Setup

VAT   Registers   &   Reports

Mushak-1/1KA/1KHA/1GA/GHA (Price Declaration)
Mushak-11/11KA/11GA (VAT Challan Patra)
Mushak-12 (Credit Note)
Mushak12KA (Debit Note)
Mushak12KHA (VDS Certificate)
Mushak-16 (Purchase Register)
Mushak17 (Sales Register)
Mushak18 (Current Account)
Mushak19 (VAT Return/Dakhil Patra)
Mushak20 (Application for Export)
Mushak22 (Application for Duty Drawback)
Mushak26 (Application for Disposal of Unusable Inputs)
Mushak-27 (Application for Disposal of Unusable Product).
TR-31 Form (Treasury Receipt).

Software   Facilities

Ease of Use.
Simplified VAT operations.
Auto generated VAT Registers & Reports.
Time Savings.
Integration facility with 3rd part Application.
Data Import and Export facility.